Kumi Katsura

Rappresentative & Designer - DesignMuse LLC.

Lives and works between Tokyo and Florence. After the degree in department of science and technology course in architecture, in 2000 transfer and work in Milan for 10 years. Many design projects with japanese and italian companies & partners, through Shiodomeitalia Project. From 2009 Creative Director of MetaDesign Co. a Tokyo and from 2013 performs as DesignMuse. From 2015 Correspondent in Europe of TOL STUDIO inc. It occupies TRI-R project, Milano Salone Design Report for Also Design Marketing in Europe P!NTO. 2016.06, starts Design Muse LLC.

After the degree in architecture, in 2000 transferred in Milan and developed the activities of urban/architectural and communication design in italian design studios. From 2003 started the activities as a freelance designer for Italy and Japan.

In 2006, is appointed to the representative in Italy of Project ShiodomeItalia Tokyo, a new urban design project with social-cultural-economical exchange initiatives between Italy-Japan. Developed various initiatives and projects with design partners as La Trienniale di Milan, Domus Academy of Milan, Reggio Children of Reggio Emilia, and dolp_dove osano le parole of Vicenza ecc.

After 10 years experience in Italy, in 2009 lives in Tokyo and is the creative director of MetaDesign Co. of Tokyo. Works on the various projects in multidisciplinary approach Meta-Design, Innovation Design & Service Prototyping, Community Design, Marketing & Communication Design for the public/private institutions; ex. “Future School” with Fujitsu Design Ltd. and Kamakura Elementary School, Future Library “Liferary (Life+rary)” with Fujitsu Design Ltd. and Nagasaki City Library. Designed the future scenarios and service prototypes for social innovation identified from their local context and original stories. Both projects are received Kids Design Award.

In 2013 starts the activities as DesignMuse. Since 2015, a correspondent in Europe of TOL STUDIO inc., for "TRI-R / The Light Closest to the Sun" LED technology developed by Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.,.

Since 2016, as the representative in Europe of P!NTO by P.A.S corporation.

Also the coordinatior of the Design Projects (QUON - Archirivolto Design Italy), the writer of articles and design reports (CASE DA ABITARE,

2016.06, starts Design Muse LLC. and develops design & communication projects more inter-disciplinary for and with designers, creatives, businesses and institutions.